Building Your Holistic Practice

So, you have a holistic business that you want to build! I want to support you in building that practice. So, read on and I'll introduce you to someone who can help you with your public relations and marketing. Then I'll tell you a little bit more about how the Holistic Internet CommunitySM is here to support you.

Holistic Public Relations and Marketing

I want to introduce you to Andrea Adler who offers her services as Holistic PR. Andrea offers a new paradigm for marketing and public relations. It is a way in which we can integrate both spiritual and practical principals into our mindset, our materials and our outreach.

Instead of using traditional approaches to marketing, which are often not sustainable over time, Andrea offers a non-traditional approach that creates a somatic, sensory response – ‘the body in its wholeness, the mind, and the spirit as a unity,’ so that our audience resonates energetically with who we are and what we have to offer them. In other words, the customers that are ready for you or almost ready for you "get it" as to what you are offering.

By working with the emotional, physical, linguistic and ontological aspects to achieve a depth of attraction – Andrea works with you to invite clients to embark on a journey called: The Science of Spiritual Marketing: Initiation into Magnetism. Why magnetism? Because when we are in sync –– when we are in alignment with our true destiny on an energetic level, we magnetize all the synchronicities, all the coincidences, all the people and situations that we want to bring to us –– effortlessly, gracefully. This unique and proven process can easily be taught and applied. Once the repetition, integration and synthesis of these concepts are practiced, businesses thrive and create the abundance they yearn for and deserve.

Whether you are a large or small business owner, a holistic practitioner, an artist, or a real estate tycoon –- the principles are exactly the same. Holistic PR’s holographic approach to marketing will provide you with an entire A to Z strategy, support you in creating frequency and dynamic value for your clients and the marketing materials that will magnetize you to the audience you want to attract.

Andrea has supported thousands of people to achieve their future vision. We look forward to supporting you with yours.

Businesses wanting consultations or to participate in a workshop or on-line seminar – please contact Andrea at and tell her that David at sent you!
The Holistic Internet CommunitySM wants your practice to thrive!

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Blessings to you!


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