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    ”What is complexity science? Very simply, it is science's most recent attempt to explain how order and novelty emerge in the world. (As such it is the intellectual successor to systems theory and chaos theory.) The traditional view of the natural world was made up of machine-like entities that you could understand by taking them apart and examining the components. A lot has been learned about nature by this approach. But the vast majority of nature is not amenable to this way of working, because most of nature is made up of what complexity scientists call non-linear, complex adaptive systems - systems created by a number of diverse and independent agents that are constantly changing and interacting with each other. In complex adaptive systems, a study of the parts surely produces an incomplete understanding of the whole.”

    New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) EXECUTIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM


    The CHR News Files, a product of the COLLABORATION FOR HEALTHCARE RENEWAL (CHR), report collaborative initiatives and business developments of relevance to the emerging integrative medicine industry.

    CHR is a business un-usual, multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit initiative funded through industry participation and philanthropic contributions, dedicated to seeding and networking collaborative efforts which foster optimally integrated healthcare. For more information, contact John Weeks at 206-933-7983 (, or Jery Whitworth 845-354-2388 (
"A New Provider for the New Healthcare Industry--
The Health and Wellness Coach"

Today's healthcare delivery practices, whether conventional or holistic, are seeking integrative models of care that provide people with pathways to make the right choices for health and healing and are cost effective.

Over the last several years, we have developed what many believe is the leading health and wellness coaching program in the country. Our Integrative Model of Care focuses on the healthcare professional-training senior, mid-level and primary care providers in Health and Wellness Coaching.

What is Our Integrative Model of Care?
  • It is Complete--Starting with assessment and following through to evaluation of lifestyle, stress and health
  • It is Supportive-Supporting people in developing healing relationships and positive lifestyle changes to decrease stress and maximize potential
  • It is Equitable-Teaching how to have an equal exchange of energy for services performed and received
  • It is Sustainable-nurturing the creation of a healthy culture within which to live and work

What we offer?
  • A "Starter Kit"- to help install coaches in health centers and businesses. The health and wellness coach can be a provider in health centers and can be used in any business to address corporate goals and individual coaching needs.
  • Health and Wellness coach training to teach employees to do their own spot coaching and learn to interact more positively as a corporation, small business or healthcare center
  • Classes on "How to Coach" and "How to do Assessments and Evaluation"
  • Certification in WHHC Coaching and Internships for Coaches

How does it work?

Case Study-the Health Coach in a Doctor's Office
The "Framingham Heart Study" found that every doctor's office needs to use a questionnaire with all patients to assess lifestyle issues such as exercise, nutrition and stress levels because these factors are responsible for most chronic illness. Once an assessment is completed, many doctors may lack the services to address the issues that have been uncovered. Health coaching is an answer to this problem expanding the physician's service capabilities.

For example, in a doctor's office, health coaches work with the physician's clients that want to work on lifestyle issues on a fee for service basis. Although they can work in person, some doctors may want coaches to work by phone when they have space or logistics constraint. Coaching services can be "turn key" or integrated into the physicians scheduling and administrative operations. Coaches can do basic outcome studies to test the efficacy of their work. They can also work with the doctor's staff to help them develop a healthy office culture and promote staff well being. Both enhance productivity, esprit de Coeur, job retention, and decrease sick leave.

Coaching as a Health Benefit in the Workplace
As companies seek the best way to maximize their investment in healthcare, they become more open to creative alternatives for providing good care at lower cost. Health and wellness coaching fits perfectly and uniquely into this arena.

WHHC coaches are well trained in helping people with work/life balance, stress reduction and accessing the best of both conventional and holistic health care. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the diversity in the evolving health and healing field, coaches help employees understand the connections and basic elements between ancient and modern healing systems so they can choose wisely about healing and wellness options. As health services are moving away from an "I'll take care of you" model, to one of self-reliance and self-responsibility, employees need skills that coaches provide to help them both understand the process of change and move effectively past limitations on the way to their goals.

Coaches work one on one or in-groups with high-risk employees as well as provide wellness programs. WHHC coaches train employees in coaching strategies that become peer-coaching networks, which are cost effective, improve productivity and positively impact the organizational culture.

Current Delivery Practices

We invite you to participate in our expanding community of coaches. WHHC coaches are providing services at:
  • health system holistic centers (Midwest Center for Health and Healing of the Swedish American Health Care System, in Rockford, Illinois and the Wege Center for Mind, Body and Spirit of the Tri-health System in Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • private practice in Illinois, New York City, California and Boston
  • an independent holistic center (the Olive Leaf Healing Center in Manhattan)
  • a church (Abyssinian Baptist Church of Harlem in New York City)
  • doctor's offices (Rudolph Ballentine's New York Center for Holistic Medicine and Michael Joyce DC in the San Francisco Bay Area)
  • YWCA (Berkeley, California)

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