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The World Health and Healing Collaborative (WHHC) trains and certifies Health Coaches. Our programs provide a foundation in integrative health, personal coaching techniques and solutions for managing a professional health coaching practice. Participants learn the importance of engaging in their own personal growth and healing in order to work successfully with others.

The WHHC Health Coach training is unique because it teaches an organic and less mechanistic model of health and disease. Participants learn to value the whole person and how health and wellbeing are created through everyday choices and behaviors. They learn how to create a healing relationship and how to guide and support others in their healing journey.

Our Health Coach classes are especially suitable for nurses who are looking to become empowered in their work places, add a holistic approach to their practice or to become a independent practicing Nurse Coach.


Classes required for certification are preceded by an asterisk.
They may also be taken separately as stand-alone classes.
Class sizes are kept to 8-12 participants.
Faculty is available by phone and email support.

*Health Coaching Fundamentals
14 Credit Hours (14 weeks) consisting of:

• 14 - sixty minute Tele-classes
• 7 (60 min.) personal health coaching sessions
Fee $1600

This module provides an overview of the philosophy and theory of Health Coaching. Health Coaches see people as whole and support them as they access their natural ability to heal. It is the Health Coach's role to provide a safe and trusting environment that allows the health of the person to emerge. Class topics include: health/nurse coaching standards, developing inner wisdom and intuition in the coaching relationship, the role stress plays in disease, valuing the feminine as well as the role feelings and spirituality play in healing, change theory, constitution, energy anatomy, and natural medicinals. A shift in perspective away from pathology and toward wholeness strengthens and renews through dialogue and conscious use of language.

*Health Coaching Skills
14 Credit Hours (14 weeks) consisting of:

• 14 - sixty minute Tele-classes
• Ongoing coaching relationship with a fellow student
Fee $ 900.00

The Health Coaching Skills module teaches the “how to” of coaching. Participants are taught practical skills that include scope of practice, how to structure a session, how to achieve results, active listening, direct communication, powerful questioning, planning/goal setting and accountability. By the end of the class participants will be able to conduct a 30 minute coaching session. Participants practice Health Coaching techniques with each other. Each participant coaches another weekly for the 7 weeks.

*Personal Mastery
8 Credit Hours (8 weeks) consisting of:

• 8 - sixty minute Tele-classes
Fee $500

Personal Mastery entails the ability to see current reality clearly and to clarify goals in the context of one's life's purpose. Topics in this module include: the Power of Witness Consciousness, How Thoughts and Feelings affect Reality, NAMO - the Process for Change, an Overview of Complexity Theory and The Process of Non-Violent Communication.

*Personal Mastery Coaching Partnership
8 Credit Hours (8 weeks) consisting of:

• 8 Personal Mastery Coaching Sessions
Fee $800

Eight sessions with a senior coach are provided. It is recommended (although not required) that the Personal Mastery Class and Coaching Partnership should be conducted simultaneously. Pairing the two provides a rich and effective means for learning Personal Mastery. Eight hours of coaching in Personal Mastery are required for Health Coaching Certification. Required reading: Peter Senge's Fifth Discipline chapters on Personal Mastery and Mental Models.

*NAMO - The Seven Steps of Change
8 Credit Hours (8 weeks) consisting of:

• 8 - sixty minute Tele-classes
• Ongoing coaching relationship with a fellow student
• 2 Individual Sessions using the NAMO method
Fee $700

NAMO is the hallmark of Health Coaching. In this module participants learn how to make changes in emotional health and intelligence by following the seven steps of NAMO. Once learned, NAMO is easily shared with others. Topics include a demonstration of NAMO, description of the seven steps of NAMO, Understanding behavior patterns, Using NAMO to make healthy changes and Resistance, Breakthroughs and Transformation. Participants are paired with another class member to practice NAMO for one hour each week.

*The Business of Coaching
9 Credit Hours (6 weeks) consisting of:

• 6 ninety minute Tele-classes on specific business topics
• 3 personal coaching sessions
Fee $900

This provides the basic information necessary for starting a health coaching practice. Each participant receives 3 personal business coaching sessions that focus on building their personal coaching practice. Classes focus on empowerment, business development strategies, and personal support. Topics include: Scope of Practice, The Coaching Agreement, Fee Setting, Billing, and Liability.

Coaching from an Integrative Health Perspective
8 Credit Hours (8weeks) consisting of

• 6- sixty minute Tele-classes
• 2 Case Consultation classes
• Ongoing telephone relationship with a fellow student
Fee: $500

This Program covers the principals taught in Rudolph Ballentine's, Radical Healing. Topics include Overview of the Paradigm of Emergence, Natures Medicinals, Self assessment, Foundation stones of Health and Energy and consciousness. Participants are paired to continue a dialogue after class for one hour per week. Faculty is available for brief questions and answers by phone and email. Two case consultations are included. Participants are encouraged to attend continuing case consultations with Rudolph Ballentine, MD.

Personal Vision and Shared Vision
9 Credit Hours (12 weeks) consisting of:

• 9-sixty minute Tele-Classes
• A week long, home-based visioning process
• 1 Vision Process Review Session
• 2 Personal Coaching Sessions
Fee $ 950

Drawing from complexity science, this module covers concepts such as emergence, personal mastery, mental models and shared vision. Topic include: The Power of Commitment, The Acacea Tool for Peak Performance, Personal Vision/Shared Vision, Systems Thinking and Team Learning and Emergence and Presence. Midway through the course, the group is guided through an experiential process of accessing and manifesting their personal vision. At the end of the process participants share their personal visions with the group. As they do so, the possibility of a shared vision can emerge.

Forms, Assessment & Evaluation
8 Credit Hours (8 weeks) consisting of:
• 8 One Hour Weekly Tele-classes
• Fee $500

Forms and instruments provide a means to assess the status and progress of a coaching client. This module provides an overview of standard forms and instruments used in the coaching relationship. It teaches skills in assessment and evaluation. Topics include: Health Assessment, Stages of Change, Health Risk forms, Forms for a Coaching Practice, Evaluation and Health Information Online.

Marketing, Sales and Business Development
8 Credit Hours (8 weeks) consisting of:

• 4 one hour weekly Tele-classes (65x4)
• 4 personal coaching sessions (125x4)
• 4 small group sessions (85x4)
Fee $ 1100

This module teaches how to reach clientele, models a powerful coaching relationship and offers marketing and presentation skills. Topics include: Creating a Marketing Plan, Marketing Materials and Web Sites and Goal Setting. Participants receive both individual coaching and are grouped into small groups for feedback form other participants. A video taping session for personal development and marketing is available in for an additional fee.

Helpful link! -The International Coach Federation is the professional association of personal and business coaches that seeks to preserve the integrity of coaching around the globe. private sessions, classes, workshops and trainings in the Feldenkrais Methodâ , Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Psychophysical Integration, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and Group Psychotherapy, Reiki, Hakomi, and Yoga. - Learn Human Design Readings...The Health Assessment for the New Paradigm - Intuition for wholeness...awaken and utilize the gifts inherent in every individual - Extraordinary self-help and somatic improvement in everyday life functioning through an `instructions from within' learning process - Techniques and technologies including Speaking Circles to help Health Coaches develop a dynamic and authentic presence in public speaking, presentation graphics and web communications - Rudolph Ballentine, MD's classic book is the main textbook in the Health Coach Training Program. "Healing here is radical because it goes to the radix or root of our suffering -- the beliefs, the attitudes, and the emotions that are the foundations of the pain we carry. " - Tele-classes, In Person Learning Programs, Health Coach Training Programs and Health Coach Certification


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