David Lazaroff
Holistic.com Chief Technology Officer, Chairman
Technical Leader Visionary

David Lazaroff is a seasoned information technology professional with a strong background in IT consulting, system architecture, and manufacturing. A graduate of the top-ranked High Technology MBA program at Boston's Northeastern University, and holder of an engineering degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, David brings a broad tool set and experience base to Holistic.com. The trademark of his career is the design and implementation of business processes and supporting information systems that bring high operational efficiencies. His creativity is substantiated by his two US Patents and the satisfaction of his customers.

David served as Director of Engineering and Quality for Orion Industries, Inc. and Crossroads Technologies, Inc. At Noochee Solutions, formerly DMW Worldwide, David served as Systems Architect where he designed components for billing and customer care systems. Most recently he has been a Lead Consultant for Integro, Inc. where he designed and developed information systems to streamline and Web enable business processes. In addition to running Holistic.com, David is a Senior Systems Architect for a large agency of the U.S. Government.

While in graduate school at Northeastern University, David was introduced to Rudolph Ballentine, MD and the world of holistic health and medicine. He registered the domain Holistic.com and put the Holistic Internet Community in commercial operation in 1995 with a Resource Directory and Learning Center. Too far ahead of the Internet market, David closed the Directory and Learning Center until the market was more ready. That time is now!

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