Live It Up! 10 Ways to Share Joy When Your Friend Has Alzheimer's

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This book can help you reconnect with the joy you want in the relationship you have with your friend or family member who has Alzheimer's Disease. Ten simple ways are discussed along with an example of each from the author's personal experience. If you are having difficulty finding the joy, David shows you the way.

This is a must read for friends, family, and caregivers of people with Alzheimer's.

From the back cover:

Life is always, every moment, without fail, offering opportunities for love, companionship, beauty, connection and joy. Life is simultaneously offering opportunities for less desirable things. Every moment we get to choose. Where we put our attention determines our experience of the world. If you are not seeing something you like that is available… keep looking. Joy is available!

My experience of this comes from caring for my dear friend, Carl in the context of his Alzheimer’s. If you want to have a great life, commit yourself to giving someone else a great life. You must have a great life yourself in order to make a great life possible for someone else.

After seven years of caring for Carl, his life is now complete. With laughter and love until the day of leaving his body, the lessons of Carl’s life remain for all of us. Have a lot of love… have a lot of fun!

-- David Lazaroff

43 pages in easy to read 14 point font.

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