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Secrets to a Healthy Sex Life

Good health and good sex are intrinsically linked. Natural health offers many tips for enhancing overall health and sexual vitality:

A wholesome diet, low in fat and high in fiber and complex carbohydrates is a good place to begin.

A general multi-vitamin and antioxidant formula is a necessary component.

One of the most important nutrients for sexual health is zinc.

The herb Damiana nourishes the body and it is a slight mood elevator.

Passion Flower – This herb may help stop excessive brain chatter so a person can be more in the mood for lovemaking.



Green Tea May Fight Stomach Cancer

In a study of more than 600 Chinese men and women, researchers found that green tea drinkers were half as likely as non tea drinkers to have stomach cancer or gastritis. The study was reported in the May issue of the International Journal of Cancer.

Previous studies found that green tea drinkers have lower odds of developing stomach cancer compared with people who favor other types of leaves. This new study suggests green tea may lower the odds of chronic gastritis, long-term stomach inflammation that can precede cancer.

The research team was led by Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang of the University of California, Los Angeles. They questioned participants on their diets, smoking and drinking habits, and other risk factors.

Investigators found that healthy individuals were more likely to be green tea drinkers. Even after considering other risk factors, green tea consumption was linked to lower odds of gastritis and stomach cancer.

FromDavid Returns to Its Roots

I'm pleased to tell you that there are a lot of exciting changes coming to!

In 1995 I registered the domain to be used as a vehicle to help health seekers meet up with the health care practitioners that can take them to their next step... then the step after that ... and so on.

At times, it has been a rough road for me. In 1995, I had to explain to practitioners what the Internet is! Yet, I was still able to spend about a year working on "The Holistic Internet CommunitySM", first in Boston, then in Denver.

Then came the Internet bubble of 1999-2000. Remember that time when investors would throw money at anyone who could sing them a song of dreams as long as it had a ".com" at the end of each verse? Many people who had good domain names and jumped into the .com business made some money from their name and eventually lost it. A lot of investors lost everything they invested. Reality was pretty brutal on those who let their dreams overrule solid business basics.

From 2000 to 2006 I got together with several people to see if we could work together to build a successful business with, Inc. However, the things we tried just couldn't meet the real life market demand. So, just recently my partners and I decided to split up and I'm bringing a fresh perspective to under its original moniker, "The Holistic Internet CommunitySM".

I firmly believe that the true value of the Internet is to bring people together. So, in the coming months, I will bring new ways for practitioners to reach out to those who might benefit from their services and new ways for people in search of greater health to find the practitioners that can help them on their journey. I will then introduce you to tools, services, and products that will help you take your next steps to a life of ever greater vitality, broader perspective, and deeper understanding.

So, join me as we venture into the future together! Sign the guestbook, register for our community newsletter, and tell me what you would like from the Holistic Internet CommunitySM!.

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